Mohit Dobhal is the lead vocalist and the co-founder of an experimental fusion band from New Delhi called, SwarAntar. The meaning of SwaraAntar in Hindi can be derived as : Swar (musical notes) + Antar (difference).

The band has been one of the major acts in the independent music genre of India. They have performed in almost all the major stages like NH7 Weekender, all the IITs and IMs in India and also covering all the Indian states and major cities. SwarAntar has been praised by many popular artists like : Leslie Lewis, Shilpa Rao, Soham Chakraborty & many more.


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Kalatva Collective

Kalatva Collective is a project led by 3 young artists from India and Germany, trained in different classical art forms. Trying to explore art beside the conventions of Indian classical world. They create pieces in which music and dance interact, explore and compliment each other and bringing a whole new perspective to the art form.




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